Graphic Design

  • Corporate Identity Packages
  • Full Advertising Campaigns
  • Professional Illustration
  • CD and DVD Art
  • VHS to DVD Conversion
  • Book Layout
  • Image Manipulation
  • Print Advertisements
  • Web Advertisements
  • Menus
  • Album Art
  • Catalog Layout
  • Posters
  • Mailers/Brochures
  • Signage
  • Logos
  • Book Covers
  • Business Cards
  • Stickers
  • Banners
  • T-shirts
  • MUCH, Much More...

At Fameuse Design, great design is the very foundation of what we do. We know that a great design is paramount to the success of your business or organization and has the power to attract new customers if done well and deter them if done poorly. That is why we insist on beautiful and thoughtful layout, application of good design knowledge and principals and an attention to detail above all else.

It is our great ability to translate your vision into a compelling design that sets us apart and adds value to your business. Our designs capitalize on the newest techniques to grab and hold attention and speak your businesses or organizations message and personality.

  • Reklamation Bikes Logo Reklamation Bikes Logo
    Created for an upstart flatland BMX bicycle company, this logo for Reklamation Bikes makes a bold and very "metal" statement while being much more than a simple font treatment. The symbol reflects their brand well and is easily identifiable in their industry.
  • Denver Electric Denver Electric Logo
    Created for Denver Electric, an electrician company located in Denver, this bold logo represents their reliable and speedy service in a very memorable and iconic way.
  • Typography Club Brochure Typography Club Brochure
    The challenge of this design was to create a brochure that demanded to be picked up and read. The accordion styling of this folded piece self secures in it's folded form and is mailed in a vellum envelope for presentation.
  • Fort Lupton Recreation Center Logo Fort Lupton Recreation Center Logo
    Created for the Fort Lupton Recreation Center, this logo was designed as a first logo to represent them. The design concept was a logo that fully identified their organization by merging the iconic rocky mountains with the easily recognized architecture of their facilities.
  • Koit McIntire Promotional Kit Koit McIntire Promotional Kit
    Created as a promotional piece for BMX Flatland Pro Koit McIntire, this piece serves to promote the rider with a resume, dossier and picture portfolio in order to further his career as a performer.
  • Nifty Nob Towel Bar Packaging Nifty Nob Towel Bar Packaging
    Intended as a proof of concept, this packaging reflects the simplicity of Nifty Nob's intuitive products and echos the companies color pallet.
  • 5 Logo
    Created in conjunction with the website, this iconic logo represents the style and flavor of the website in a pleasing and easily identifiable logo that is hard to miss.
  • Mosaic All Stars CD/DVD Cover Mosaic All Stars CD/DVD Cover
    This commemorative CD/DVD case was designed for the Mosaic All Stars worship band from Mosaic Church in Greeley, Co. Folded the case forms the typical square. Unfolded the case takes the form of a cross and thus revealing a cross printed on the inside as well as song listings and lyrics.
  • R12 Charities Logo R12 Charities Logo
    Created for R12 Charities, a charity dedicated to donating car maintenance to those who cant afford mechanic services, this logo speaks clearly to that purpose with a pleasing and calming color pallet.

Web Design & Development

  • Full Site Design
  • Content Management Systems
  • Custom Template Design
  • Video or Audio Embed
  • PayPal or Merchant Processing
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Blog Integration
  • Member Registration
  • Content Rating
  • Domain Registration
  • Site Programming
  • Advertising Program Setup
  • Continuous Updating
  • Database Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Photo Slide Shows
  • Forums/Commenting
  • Twitter, Facebook Integration
  • Hosting
  • Custom Search
  • MUCH, Much More...

At Fameuse Design we have a passion for great design and usability. We know that a website is an incredible marketing tool for your business or organization and that it can be a powerful tool for moving your business or organization forward. That equates to good, solid and simple navigation, implementation of new and exciting technologies, beautiful and thoughtful layout and an attention to detail above all else.

We understand that our designs directly represent your business and personality and that a design can either enhance or hinder your ability to attract new business relationships. It is our great ability to translate your vision into a compelling web presence that sets us apart and adds value to your business.

  • Reklamation Bikes Reklamation Bikes
    The design concept for the Reklamation Bikes site is a simple, easy to navigate site that matches the beauty of the companies products and reflects the BMX flatland lifestyle.
  • Play Rodeo Play Rodeo
    A new upstart in 2010, PlayRodeo is a fantasy rodeo and rodeo news site centered around rodeo community. The newest version of this site adds a members only section.
  • Kurt Stevens Visual Arts Kurt Stevens Visual Arts
    This site was created for photographer and visual artist Kurt Stevens to be used as a portfolio of his work. The site is simple and definitely reflects his personality and passion.
  • 1 Reklamation Bikes
    The design concept for the Reklamation Bikes site was a simple, easy to navigate site that showed off the companies products and reflected the BMX flatland lifestyle.

eBook Design

eBook Design

With the face of publishing rapidly changing, Fameuse Design is always forging ahead into the newest advances in publishing technology. In doing so, Fameuse Design is now offering eBook Publishing services! We love were this technology is headed and we are hitting the ground running with our efforts. For us, eBooks marry our two favorite things in a brand new way: technology and traditional book publishing with great design. We have a lot we are working on in this area!

Mobile Application Development

Mobile App Development

Mobile is currently the fastest growing medium for content consumption and Fameuse Design is right in the mix. The future in mobile apps is expanding at an alarming rate and, more and more, mobile is the place to be. Fameuse Design is now offering Mobile Application Services! Unfortunately we cant show you yet what we are working on, but keep your eyes pealed and for sure contact us if you have an app you need to develop!