Piece of the Week

Posted January 7th, 2014

PlayRodeo Website

A new upstart in 2010, PlayRodeo is a fantasy rodeo and rodeo news site centered around rodeo community. The newest version of this site adds a members only section.


Happy New Year!

Posted December 31st, 2013

Happy New Year!

Here's wishing everybody a safe and happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

Posted December 25th, 2013

Merry Christmas!

From all of us at Fameuse Design, a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Piece of the Week

Posted December 17th, 2013

R12 Charities Logo

Created for R12 Charities, a charity dedicated to donating car maintenance to those who cant afford mechanic services, this logo speaks clearly to that purpose with a pleasing and calming color pallet.

R12 Charities

Piece of the Week

Posted December 10th, 2013

Reklamation Bikes Website

The design concept for the Reklamation Bikes site is a simple, easy to navigate site that matches the beauty of the companies products and reflects the BMX flatland lifestyle.


Please Help!

Posted December 5, 2013

From Jake Umberger, President and CEO of Fameuse Design:

"Many of my friends know my girlfriend and "would-be fiance" Laura Kay Schaefer (she wont let me propose over the phone and we are currently 600 miles apart).

Today we found out that she is likely going back into battle fighting cancer for the third time and has been referred to her cancer doctor for further analysis. Unfortunately she has no insurance and can't even go though analysis, let alone treatment, without having insurance and neither of us have the funds to pay for this high "preexisting condition" insurance.

We could also use as many prayers for her as we go forward into what is currently the unknown. We know God has a plan, but we also know that He hears all prayers.

We are at a loss of what to do and are looking for help to pay for her forth coming medical bills. Please, if you can find it in your heart to donate something, anything, we would really appreciate the help. Thank you."

You can donate here at:
GoFundMe Laura Kay Schaefer Cancer Fund

Piece of the Week

Posted December 2nd, 2013

City of Fort Lupton Website

The City of Fort Lupton's website is a complete rebuild from the ground up. The city wanted something more modern and organized while being attractive and easy to update using a Content Management System.


Piece of the Week

Posted November 25th, 2013

Mosaic All Stars Album/DVD Cover

This commemorative CD/DVD case was designed for the Mosaic All Stars worship band from Mosaic Church in Greeley, Co. Folded the case forms the typical square. Unfolded the case takes the form of a cross and thus revealing a cross printed on the inside as well as song listings and lyrics.

Piece of the Week

Posted November 18th, 2013

Denver Electric Logo

Created for Denver Electric, an electrician company located in Denver, this bold logo represents their reliable and speedy service in a very memorable and iconic way.

Piece of the Week

Posted November 11th, 2013

Typography Club Brochure

The challenge of this design was to create a brochure that demanded to be picked up and read. The accordion styling of this folded piece self secures in it's folded form and is mailed in a vellum envelope for presentation.

Piece of the Week

Posted November 4th, 2013

Koit McIntire Promotional Kit

Piece of the week is a piece created as a promotional kit for BMX Flatland Pro Koit McIntire, this piece serves to promote the rider with a resume, dossier and picture portfolio in order to further his career as a performer. The logo was also created by us. Click here to see the whole PDF

Welcome to the Newly Re-Launched Fameuse Design!

Posted October 30th, 2013

Fameuse Design

After a short hiatus, we are proud to announce that Fameuse Design is still here, still designing great products and stronger than ever. We simply have a newly updated site that reflects what we are doing these days. Refined and re-focused we are ready to tackle your next project!

Remember that we offer graphic design services,
web design and development services,
eBook design, logo design,
mobile application development and more!

Give us a call or shoot us an email and lets get started!

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